There is someone waiting for your contact in Japan!


Have you got a potential supplier yet?

    If you want to import goods or raw materials from Japan and have already got a potential supplier through various opportunities such as exhibitions, our job is to procced carefully and swiftly each step of export process from Japan to your country.
    On the other hand, if you are still in a stage of considering and are looking for Japanese products that may suit your purpose, we will assist you to find such products and suppliers. The success of your challenge depends on how good a supplier you can find here in Japan!

Our job is to make your dream come true step by step.

Standard way of proceeding the import transactions from Japan to your country is as follows;

1) Establishing a good relationship with a potential supplier through good communication
2) Checking laws and regulations both of your country and of Japan regarding the product that you wish to import
3) Checking the rate of your country’s import duty and FTA (Free Trade Agreement) status between your country and Japan
4) Making agreement on the specifications of the product’s quality/design
5) Making agreement on the volume/quantity per shipment/period and packing specification
6) Making agreement on the terms and conditions of payment and transportation
7) Estimating the cost of whole process (To which cost does the exporter bear, and from which cost does the importer bear?)
8) Making price quotations, minutes of meeting, various contracts such as for trading terms, rights of agency, quality assurance, responsibility when defective products are found and etc.
9) Obtaining official certificates from Japanese authorities that are required by your country’s authorities upon the arrival of the products
10) Arranging shipment from Japan to your country (booking a vessel, preparing seaworthy packing, custom clearance, making shipping documents, applying for marine insurance and etc.)
11) Any other things that are related to the import transactions from Japan to your country