Accurate translation from Thai to English

Our translation method

   How to transfer the original meanings of Thai accurately into English writings. We work on the task as a team of two translators;
(1) One translator translates your English manuscript into Thai.
(2) Then another translator who has more experience will check it.
   In course of the step (2), the text will be refined into more natural English and explanatory notes will be additionally put in for the client’s better understanding. Please also refer to HOME page for more information.

Price List "from Thai to English"

 Volume calculation

   We calculate about 850 Thai characters as one volume unit. 850 Thai characters are assumed to convey about the same amount of information as 250 English words can communicate.


   USD 23.00/unit (before tax)


   We will submit you a price quotation after counting volume of the manuscript.


   Please send us in a text file such as Microsoft Word.

 Delivery time

   It depends on the contents and volume. In average, several pages are for 3 or 4 days.


   Please pay in full in advance. Payment in Thailand in Thai Baht is also acceptable.


   If any complaint such as serious mistranslation or very late delivery occurs, we will refund the maximum 100% of your payment after both parties consult in a good faith.


   We can make a confidentiality agreement individually upon your request. For your information, we have a confidentiality agreement with each one of our translators.