A firm specialized for international trading between Japan and Thailand

Farn International for trading between Japan and Thailand

   We are a trading company specializing in international trading between Japan and Thailand.  Started in January 2019 with the export of Japanese cosmetics and skincare products to Thailand.  We then went into the import business of Thai foods and commodities to Japan.  In 2021 we started to export Japanese wine to Thai market.
   Although we are still a small company, we are confident of our services which are quick, flexible and efficient based on our long time experience of business with Thailand.

Thai FDA (Food & Drug Administration)

   When exporting food, cosmetics, medical supplies, etc. to Thailand, it is necessary to register the product at Thai FDA in advance and to obtain its approval.  This procedure is complicated and time-consuming.  It is quite a headache for foreign suppliers.
   We have experience in registering cosmetics and skincare products in particular and have also done the product registration for general medical devices.  On Thai side, our partner (a local trading company) cooperates with us to carry out the various procedures.  We are always at your disposal for such necessities of yours.

Japan Wine to Thailand

   In December 2020, we acquired the license to export wine & fruit liquor from the National Tax Agency of Japan in order to start exporting Japan Wine.  Our Thai partner has also obtained the license to import and distribute wines from the Thai Excise Bureau so that we can manage at both sides of Japan and Thailand every step from export to the door of your Thai buyer for your wines. If you are considering exporting wines to Thai market, please feel free to consult us.

Our on-line shopping site "Meedee Grocery" in Rakuten Ichiba

   In 2021, we opened our on-line shopping site “Meedee Grocery” in Rakuten Ichiba, one of Japan’s leading online shopping malls.
   In the site we are selling pure honey from Chiang Mai province which is the province’s official recommendation, dried Thai herbs for tea, the 100% chemical-free natural detergents from Chiang Rai province and etc.
   The store name “Meedee” means “We have something good” in Thai.  Until opening “Meedee Grocery”, we were only doing B to B business.  Now we can do B to C through Rakuten Ichiba.

Consulting service to enter Thai market

   If you have already set up a sales channel into Thai market but haven’t yet found a way to get over the barrier of Thai regulations, we will be also able to provide you with our consulting service.
   For instance, we can assist your Thai importer to register your products at Thai FDA, Thai Excise Bureau and other Thai authorities.