Translation between English and Thai

Accurate translation

   A problem with Thai translation is that most clients have no way to know if a translation is correct or not. As a matter of fact, some low quality translations can be seen around. To answer it, a translation method might be one of the ways to judge whether you can trust the translation or not. We are confident that our translation method can provide sufficient assurance with you. Let us explain you our method below.

Low cost

   Even if a translation method is good, its value will be half if it costs a client a lot. We provide low cost translation service without sacrificing the quality. It is quite simple. We do not have an office space dedicated for our translation work. Each of our translators work at their own home. By saving the fixed cost of operation, we keep our price at a low level.

Translation method for "English to Thai"

   In our translation method, at first before handing over your English manuscript to our translator, we read through it and stick “notes for translation” to the parts that might be possible causes of mistranslation.
   The examples of notes are; some words should not be replaced by Thai words but only their English sounds are to be indicated in Thai characters; adding explanatory notes to the words or phrases which are not commonly used; or breaking down the structure of a long sentence connected with several relative pronouns and etc. These notes will eliminate the most of possible causes of mistranslation at the initial stage.
   Then, after our Thai translator translates the text with the notes into Thai, it will be checked again by another Thai translator. All of our Thai translators are the graduates from the English language faculty of national universities in Thailand.

Translation method for "Thai to English"

  When we translate from Thai to English, we work on it as a team of two translators as well. At first, one translator translates the text into English. Then, another translator who has more experience checks and refines it in a way of more natural English writing. Moreover, in case some Thai words or phrases are difficult to be translated directly into English words, we will put in explanatory notes when we deliver the translation to our client.

Examples of our translation

   Please feel free to consult with us for any type of documents. These are some examples of translation that we can do for you;
(1) Product descriptions for food, clothing, cosmetics and other consumer products
(2) Instructions and manuals of industrial products and machines
(3) Work procedures of factories or shops
(4) Travel information, tourist attractions and leaflets of local specialties
(5) Manuscripts for websites and blogs
(6) Catalogs and flyers for shows and exhibitions
(7) Labor regulations, various contracts and other business documents