Translation from English to Thai

Communication with Thai people

   The great number of foreign tourists visit Thailand every year. Many foreigners are living and doing business in Thailand. Thai people therefore have enough opportunities to contact with foreigners. Nevertheless and unfortunately, majority of Thai people are not good at English…
   The key to success in Thailand is how straight and direct you can approach to the heart of Thai people. To satisfy this requirement, communication in their own language is absolutely necessary.

Accurate translation service at a reasonable price

   A problem with Thai translation is that most clients have no way to know the translation is correct or not. One way is to hire a translation company that has a long history with good reputation in a high street. Only you may have to go there with a tie and suits.
   In order to gain the client’s confidence in the quality of translation even if you can ask for it casually at a reasonable price, the method of translation must assure you in a way that you also think it guarantees accurate translation. We think our Thai translation method can meet this expectation.

Our translation method

   The important thing is of course that the translation conveys the exact meanings of the original text. Always “accuracy” comes first. Our original and unique translation method is to ensure “translation accuracy”.
   First of all, we convert your English manuscript into “Flat English” for the purpose to eliminate possible misunderstandings during the process of translation by our Thai translator. This work is done by an experienced Japanese or Thai person who is not only a good English speaker but also has the wide knowledge about Western culture. Through this “flattening” process, we make sure that all the causes of mis-translation are picked out.
   Then our Thai translator translates into Thai. Once being translated, the draft will be checked again by another Thai translator. All of our Thai translators are the graduates from the English language faculty of national universities in Thailand.

Translations that we can do

   Please feel free to consult with us for anything. There are some examples of translation that we can do for you:
(1) Product descriptions for food, clothing, cosmetics and other consumer products
(2) Instructions and manuals of industrial products and machines
(3) Travel information, tourist attractions and leaflet of local specialties
(4) Manuscripts for websites and blogs
(5) Manuscripts of catalogs and flyers for shows and exhibitions
(6) Various contracts and other business documents
(7) Academic and scientific documents