A Thai translation specialist

About Farn International LLC

   We started as a trading company exporting cosmetics to Thailand in January 2019 and started Thai translation service in December of the same year.
   While Thailand is quite open to foreign people and products, the majority of Thai people are still not good at English. This language barrier makes it difficult that you reach straight to the heart of Thai consumers even if you have a wonderful product or service for them.
   We ourselves, as a trading company, had a series of struggles to overcome this obstacle to communication every time when we tried to introduce Japanese products to Thai market. This is the reason why we have started Thai translation service to help those who are facing the same difficulties.

Company Profile

NameFarn International LLC
EstablishJanuary, 2019
Representative PartnerMasakazu Tada
Address3-13-2 Kamisoshigaya, Setagaya, Tokyo 157-0065 Japan

In Japan: +81-50-5806-9848

In Thailand: +66-98-875-5449

Capital5 million Yen
Number of staffs3
Products that we handleCosmetics, daily necessities, textiles, food, food ingredients, general medical equipment, machinery, chemicals and other industrial materials
Our services1) Thai language translation service
 2) Export & import between Japan and Thailand, other services related with international trading