About Farn International LLC

    We are a new company established in Tokyo, Japan in January 2019. Our start was the export of Japanese cosmetics and skincare products to Thailand.
    Our wish is to make new relationship with many partners who we will meet from now on in many different countries for many different products.
    Our members have been involved in export and import of various products with various countries for decades. We are sure that our experience and knowledge will be useful for anyone looking for a business opportunity in Japan.

Company Profile

NameFarn International LLC
EstablishJanuary, 2019
Representative PartnerMasakazu Tada
Address3-13-2 Kamisoshigaya, Setagaya, Tokyo 157-0065 Japan
Capital5 million Yen
Number of staffs3
Products that we handleCosmetics, daily necessities, textiles, food, food ingredients, general medical equipment, machinery, chemicals, other industrial materials and etc.
Our services1) Export, import, trade between three countries, international and domestic purchasing and selling for the above mentioned products
 2) Other services related with international trading